From the geographical-economic point of view, the role played by the manufacturing industry is relevant, because it concerns a wide range of spatial and economic factors starting from the resources procurement and transformation up to the finished items distribution. During the two centuries after the industrial revolution, the manufacturing activity deeply influenced the economical and territorial organization of the world.

The manufacturing activity is a fundamental factor in all modern economic systems because it represents the economic sector where raw materials are transformed becoming real finished products used everyday in our homes. Talking about raw materials we obviously refer to all the material resources directly offered by nature. Considering the absolute prevalence of mineral raw materials compared to the vegetable ones, it is possible to state that the manufacturing industry’s existence is due to the extractive activities.

This is a real fundamental factor because the extractive industry is often wrongly considered as being just like all the other industrial business, forgetting the fact that it plays a crucial role by being at the basis of all the other economic activities. Everything that is produced by the different productive companies, from houses to cars, from computers to telephones, from air plains to cosmetic products, could not be created without the extractive activity.

On the occasion of some international meetings, this concept has been highlighted through the creation of the following slogans: “everything begins with mining” and “no mining, no future”. Another crucial step in the development of this productive sector is represented by the introduction of new technologies: they can be explained as the economic operators’ answer to the growing globalization and to the differentiation of the market needs.

Through the expression “automation” we usually refer to that technology that use control systems, like logical circuits and data processors, to manage machines and processes by reducing the necessity of the human intervention. Visiting this site you can find out all the best productive solutions and tools a manufacturing company can use in order to be competitive in a wide global market. It is easy to discover how raw materials can be transformed in real products, and how real products can be transformed in a great success.